Poetry Thursday : It's Whoopi !

Woopee , It's Whoopi !

I have stopped watching the TV Show , The View,
Since waking controversy, Rosie O. , bid all adieu.
I find it useless to spend an hour staring at the tube.
Watching 4 women blabber with ho hum attitude.

Let's see them 1x1. Elisabeth is a right winger.
Who is Fox O'Reilly sound a like of a humdinger !
Joy is an old hag who does nothing but useless nag ,
While everything in Barbara just flops and sags !

Now the show's Producers found a replacement.
Excited but watchful I held my breath in abatement.
When they said that it's none other than Whoopi ,
Another free spirit gal , I gladly shouted woopee !


Poetry Thursday : My Blog For You .

'I don't know how it ended this way.' said he apolegetically.
We have something so beautiful.
'You deceived me'. the girl with an enigmatic smile replied.
'Pretending somebody you are not '.

Yes , but it's because I don't want it to end & I love it so much.
Can you fault me for that ? he said.
Then , The man asked to start all over again. 'Please' he pleaded .
But the woman said it's over . 'The trust is broken' she sadly said.

What was to be a beautiful love affair was all over just like that.
'I regret my mistakes' he pleaded tearfully .
'I only have myself to blame for losing a true friend' he added.
She then deleted all comments in the blog he made especially for her.


Poetry Thursday : Hopeless Romantic

I don't know what to do,
And I don't know what to say.
That everytime I am with you,
Nothing happens that I knew.

I am but a fumbling fool.
Definitely, it's not so cool.
I've no right to be in love.
Better still go back and hide.

But I'm a hopeless romantic.
Despite being oh so pathetic .
'Can't help reigning my emotions.
I say we need a love revolution !


Poetry Thursday : A New Planet.

Every now and then , we are amaze.
By news about the universe which keep us daze.
Whenever there's news about planet.
I always run to my pc and google it in the 'net .

There was this big news about Pluto .
Scientists now categorized it as planet no, no .
It's but a star, Astromers claimed.
Much like a funny mongrel of Walt Disney fame !

Now, they found one that's Earth-like.
It's supposed to be inhabitable by human & alike.
Scientists saw of large amount of water.
Without it, human life can't exist there no matter.

I just wish there is life there alright.
That resembles people on earth but really bright .
That everyone there like their roles.
Not like on earth where some 1st class 'A' holes !



Poetry Thursday : A Tribute To VT Victims .

I was shocked when I heard the bad news.
Of a crazy man shooting in the UV campus.
All 32 lives of mix nationalities cut short.
They're all student & teachers of some sort.

They are Moms, Dads, Sisters and Brothers
Beautiful lives cut short like do not matter.
I can' fathom the amount of pain & sorrow.
Feelings that sure won't go away tommorow.

One victim's father was very downtrodden .
At the place where his daughter was taken.
When a CNN man asked him how is she ?
' My baby failed to make it 'he said weepingly.

Yesterday, I read each victim's life story.
My heart ached as I went on so tearfully.
It seemed like that 1 glorious spring day,
Suddenly ,winter again was on the way .

To Hoakies, this day won't be forgotten.
Wishing this incident never happpened.
People had enough of senseless killings,
Be these at homes or at school buildings .


Poetry Thursday : Completely Optional

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I sat one night , musing about things I like.
Some of 'em I got,some I may never have.
I listed all things I like when I was small,
Up to this time that I am now six feet tall.

Football, baseball, and all that bounces.
Especially a basketball set at 7.8 ounces.
Toy car, toy gun, action figures,mini train.
& board games that stimulate one's brain.

Come teen years , the objects of fancy,
Became Ann, Sharon, Jane and Nancy.
Fav phone in hand & bum stuck to seat.
So very late that's why face was all zits !

As an adult, fav things changed naturally
I co write story with a dude named Lee.
The lead character is one merry Jane.
She's magic
al until her power wanes!


Poetry Thursday : Image Inspiration

Kodak commercial pics are my favorites dating back to
The Times Of Your Life . These are truly inspiring !
Like the one above .

The Bonding .

First time I saw you.
My heart acted like a frog w/ ADD.
I can't believed, I'm now a Daddy.

The look in 'yer eyes
when I first rest you in my arms,
Your body half naked but warm .

Your eyes said to me ,
' Hold me closer to you , Daddy'.
I whispered ' Hold tight my baby '

That's our 1st bonding
It was truly worth remembering .
As your Mother can't stop crying .

The 2 men she loves
Here they are, locked for life
And she's now a Mom not only a wife .

Father and son.
We will soon share a lot of things.
Cologne and razor even beer binge .

I'll tell you secrets.
Of how to catch your 1st big fish.
+ the kind shown on Playboy on dish .

Oh you gonna to places.
To sporting events then to nice bars
Just be sure son, always to return my car .