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Sunday Scribblings : Inspiration.

Nothing is more inspiring to me than the thought of a special love. Especially a love for a woman . In my younger days, it meant sleepless nights . Days were not any 'better'. I enclosed better in a parentheses because the days were spent thinking of that special girl so the days were practically sleeping with my open eyes. No sleep at night and in sleeplike trance during days. This situ meant my body was a mess you'd think . Nope. The reverse was true that one summer in '78.
That summer was really extraordinary . You see , a girl that I fancied said to me after she watched me played basketball in school ' you're more handsome if you add some weight '. Wow ! The words hit me like the Ten Commandments coming directly from God . That following weeks , I ate like a pig even eating veggies which I despised . I went to the gym religiously like a Neo Nazi attending attending a KKK meeting and took all kinds of vitamins known to man . Whoa ! I gained some 30 pounds in 2 months time that I had to buy new pants to suit my bulging legs. My tranformation was amazing that when I returned to school when the summer was over , everybody noticed the big change in me . It's no doubt that I was inspired to accomplish the impossible . I found out 'though that my special girl was now stuck with a new beau while I got stuck with this body from hereon !

Ah,yes. Budding love. I remember well.

such a tragedy... to be musclebound without love...
This is such a quirky look at love - well done!

Glad to see you back! Love does do crazy things to us, but not as crazy as hate. That KKK reference creeps me out. That is one evil bunch of folks.

aren't you thankful?

kimberly- yes buuding love that was aborted !

gracie-quirky indeed. my muscles keep twitching up to now.

anali- thanks . i felt it's time to exercise my fingers again 'cuz election is just around the corner. i was not gonna use kkk 'cept i forgot what they call rev jones congregation in jamestown.

neers- thankful ? yes for not looking like arnold z.

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